Borderline Excuse Making by the New York Jets Head Coach in loss to Chiefs, or Just Griping?

The New York Jets have now lost 8 in a row since starting the season with a win against the still winless Oakland Raiders.  And they lost last Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs 24-10.

Their head coach, Rex Ryan, is probably one of my favorite coaches in the NFL. But in response to a bizarre bounce in that game that helped the Chiefs to a touchdown, Ryan stated:

I thought it was typical of how this season’s gone for us.

What’s actually been typical is that the Jets have played poorly.

Ryan’s probably frustrated at the season. But the ball “bounces” in football. A football that gets deflected at the line of scrimmage and goes into an offensive players hands is not a big deal: Just like a freak bounce of of a receivers hands sometimes – and to far greater harm  – bounces right into the hands of a player on the defensive side of the ball.

The fact that Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano was lying on the ground when the ball fell into his hands on the play, and was able to roll it into the end zone before being touched, is an irrelevant fluke – it was simply a batted ball that led to a short completion.

It was also a 1st down play for the Chiefs from the Jets 2 yard line.

So had the ball fallen incomplete as is the case much of the time when a ball is deflected at the line, it would have been 2nd down for the Chiefs at the Jets 2 yard line: Not a huge difference. Particularly in a game that was won by the Chiefs 24-10.

Again, Ryan was probably just frustrated, and it was thus a sign of that, and not of excuse making. (As coaches often do when they later lament or “point out” how if only a “few” plays had gone differently, their team would have won; as if that isn’t what football is ultimately all about for all games but large blowouts).

Still, picking the 1-8 Jets, who have lost 8 straight, to upset the 6-3 Steelers, who have won three straight, over the Texans, Colts, and Ravens no less, by a combined total of 43 points, seems a bit of a stretch.

But here’s to the Jets playing the game of their season so far, and ending that 8 game losing streak this upcoming Sunday – tomorrow – even with Michael Vick at quarterback. (Who major New York newspapers are calling an “obvious” upgrade over Geno Smith, which at this point is not yet so obvious.)

If they don’t, maybe they better stop even noticing how the proverbial ball bounces, and start paying attention to personnel.




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